About Us

Breaking Barriers and Creating Opportunities

Epitome School of Insurance

Epitome school of insurance was in 2022 provide quality education for people who wish to enter into a career in the insurance field. We proudly offer in person classes to help applicants prepare to take their state licensing exams which is required by the state of mississippi and tennessee for an insurance producer’s license.

Our qualified instructor brings over 5 years of both life and health insurance agent experience, agency owner experience, both field and telesales experience and training to the table. We take pride in helping applicants to become responsible and knowledgeable insurance producers as they fulfill their educational requirements and prepare to take the producer’s state examination. Our goal is to ensure success. Come grow and learn with us!

"Equipping the future of insurance one class at a time"
– Valarie Harris

Benefits of getting your insurance license

Why is becoming an insurance agent a smart career move?

One of the key benefits of becoming an insurance agent is that you have a relatively assured market and customer base. Insurance is one of those products that almost everybody needs. This guarantees long-term stability in the market. insurance sales jobs offer rewards that many types of work can only promise, but never deliver on. 

Our Mission

Empowering Future Agents

Our mission Is to train, empower, and equip individuals who are seeking to enter the insurance industry with the information needed to accomplish the first step towards  becoming an agent which is getting licensed. We strive each day to create a fun and interactive classroom experience; seek and embrace diversity; provide solutions; generate positive energy; and support our community.